Plain text email marketing

Many moons ago, I started my online life, I was in charge of building the HTML emails for IWOOT. We had some pretty cool emails. Big flashy animated gif things. It takes a particular skills to create these emails. Much more than building a website. You have to use the old web. The web circa 1995. Not

What is your Favourite Lead Capture Popup

You arrive on a website and almost immediatly – BAM! Right up your nose a big CLICK ME. Sometimes they are even cocky. Something along the lines of “Do you want this free report?” Yes, download OR No, I don’t want to make lots of money. Those popups annoy me. Then there are discreet popups that

Superscribe goes Beta

Please welcome Superscriber to the world. My name is Elliot and I’m building a new way to subscribe to emails (and unsubscribe!). Emails are everywhere. It’s time to make it easier for store owners to manage their email lists and at the same time make it easier for anyone to subscribe. Subscribe. No, scrap that –