The Big Guide to using Email in your Sales Funnel

One of the best ways to use Superscribe is as a part of a sales funnel for your website.

Let’s look at the journey of a typical visitor to your site.

  1. They are attracted to your website by some marketing. Perhaps they clicked on a paid advert.
  2. They arrive on the site, click around a few pages.
  3. They leave or they convert (by convert I mean they complete your main site goal, whether that be pay for a product or send you an enquiry email).

For most websites this is a simple user journey. Now this person may visit your site a number of times over a number of days, but they will always be left with this binary choice: leave or convert.

An email popup helps bridge this binary conclusion. It expands your sales funnel a few steps. This helps you reduce the drop off at that third step. It helps capture potential leads which you can then work on converting into customers.

Let’s look at a sales funnel with email marketing and lead capture built in for those who do not convert straight away.

  1. They arrive via some marketing effort.
  2. They click around the site.
  3. They submit their email to a low commitment email popup and leave the site.
  4. They receive a digital gift which provides value and establishes your brand as an authority.
  5. They receive on-going emails which encourages them to repeat visit your site.
  6. They convert on the site or leave / unsubscribe.

Immediately these additional steps are going to have a positive effect on your business. You are going to be increasing your site traffic, building up brand recognition and ultimately improve your conversions.

Website visits are often fleeting. Email enables you to build a rapport with people who are interested in you and demonstrate trust, authority and the results they require to commit to your product or services.

Emails are an effective part of the user journey which at each stage nudges a person to commit to your business.

The Lead Magnet (or why someone will sign up to your email)

Emails are a funny business. We all use email and we all know it’s problems. Horrible spam, annoying cookie-cutter emails from companies, animated gifs from your relatives. It’s all on email.

So, why would you exchange your email on a site? Well, if you just place an email form without an enticing offer you will reduce the chances of sign ups.

An email subscription that says “Subscribe for my latest emails” just won’t cut it.

If someone is going to volunteer their email address it needs to be worth their while. It needs to be a transaction that is greater than the value a person places on their email address. Someone visiting your site knows the risk of being stuck on spam or useless email. You’ll need to give something of value.

That may well be the quality of the blog posts that you are writing. A subscription form that will send them an update of new posts may be enough. More likely an immediate gift is more enticing. That’s what a lot of marketers call the Lead Magnet.

A lead magnet attracts some to become a lead (or prospective customer, depending on your jargons!). I like to call it a welcome gift download instead.

There are many theories on the best lead magnets. I’m going to run through how I have decided to create mine.

First, I’ll just run through what we are looking for:

  1. An enticing explanation of the gift
  2. An actual digital file that is emailed to the user
  3. A Welcome Email that provides context, explains the welcome gift and sets the tone for the upcoming emails you will send.

Journey to finding a good lead magnet

For Superscribe we need a good lead magnet! It is after all a big part of email marketing and something Superscribe excels at. So, it would be somewhat wanton to ignore and neglect this.

But what! This is a question that all marketers need ask. Here are some ideas that you might want to consider:

  • An eBook
  • A checklist PDF
  • An audio book
  • A demo of a plugin or software
  • An email series / course
  • Guide or report
  • White paper
  • Cheat sheet
  • Toolkit
  • Video training
  • Promos / discount / coupon
  • Assessment
  • Spreadsheets
  • Printable
  • Tutorial
  • Infographic
  • Webinar
  • Sample chapter
  • Free coaching session
  • Slack group access / Private Facebook group
  • Free audits
  • Gear list
  • Templates

Ok, that’s a fairly exhaustive list viagra bez receptu.

There are also a few items I didn’t include that are based on real-world activity. For instance, you could send out a free sample in the post. However, because of the international nature of the net and the fact it isn’t very scalable, I decided not to include those kind of lead magnets.

I’ve listed the different types of Welcome Gift to get the ideas flowing, however we really should think a bit more about our goals first. What is it we want to achieve and what is going to work.

It’s time for another list! Below I have outlined a good process to help you determine what to offer:

  • Understand your market and talk to visitors/customers. Try asking:
    • What problem are you solving?
    • How do you solve this differently from your competitors?
    • Do you need to explain your solution?

These answers should inform what you provide. Something that:
– Provides value
– Helps solve their problem
– Demonstrates you understand the pain points and can solve the problems

Ultimately we want to Welcome Gift to nudge the user towards your product or service. This can be best achieved by helping them understand their problem and how you can solve that for them.

Finally, we want the gift to be exclusive, unique and look good. If it isn’t, the incentive to receive it will be less.

To summarise, create a unique gift that solves a single problem and pain point that people have. Make it look great and ensure it provides genuine value for your target audience.

Selling the Lead Magnet with a popup

Once you have your Welcome Gift you need to sell it.

When someone gives their email in exchange for your Welcome Gift, this is a transaction. It’s not a freebie. So we need to put on our thinking caps and identify the best way to sell it.

Soft sells are better with this.

There are many different types of popup, from a big welcome mat that takes over your entire screen and forces you to engage with it all the way through to a discreet box asking for your attention.

You will find that welcome mats have an increased subscription rate, but they also have a negative side. Most importantly they increase bounce rate (the amount of people who leave the site straight away).

The best sales funnels work by nudging a person from one stage to the next. From a visitor to a subscriber, then from a subscriber to a customer.

If you’re too aggressive you’ll alienate your audience and you won’t get as many conversions. A successful alternative is to demonstrate your authority and provide genuine value that compliments your product or service. By doing this we’ll have visitors looking for the sign up, rather than having it hoisted upon them.

So, that’s why we prefer the discreet popup. But what to write on it?

We need to get a message across quickly and convincingly. If we look back at the list we created for our welcome gift there will be a lot of ideas there that correlate with our message on the popup.

I always like to write out a long paragraph of the problem, the solution, what we are offering and what the gift is. Then I go through it with a machete and cut cut cut cut.

This is where copywriting is important. It’s about removing the fluff. Finding the essence of the problem and presenting it to the right people. It’s about understanding your market and their pain points. Communicating it efficiently with pathos.

Copywriting can be an underrated sales tool in marketing. When it comes to your popup, it’s your secret weapon.

In a short while we’ll look at the way I approached writing popup copy for the Superscribe site.

Welcome Email

If there was another example of the importance of copywriting the it will be the Welcome Email.

When your subscriber joins your list you will send them the gift and an introduction email. This introduction email is a fantastic opportunity to set high expectations for the upcoming emails you will send.

If you are just sending out cookie-cutter emails then you will get unsubscribes and will not drive traffic to your site. So, we can use this opportunity to explain what you want to achieve from your emails and why they are going to benefit from it.

Here we can use the same learnings from the Welcome Gift. We can elaborate a bit about the pain points, the way the Welcome Gift helps solve them, how your emails solve them and ultimately how your product or services solve them.

Let’s put our theory into practice and use Superscribe as an example. Just a quick one about Superscribe in case you haven’t spotted already. We created Superscribe as an all-in-one email marketing tool that converts visitors into subscribers with a popup. Then you can email them directly in Superscribe. We’re big believers in the power of copywriting, so the emails are sent like normal emails. These personal emails are much more effective.

There’s a free plan if you want to have a go!

Ok, back to the choices we made for Superscribe. I started looking at it in this order:

  • Overall Market research and problem discovery
  • Welcome Gift
  • Popup Copy
  • Welcome Email

In reality, these three will be constantly tweaked as you get more feedback and better understand your market.

Overall Market research and problem discovery

The problem:
– Help grow online business
– Capturing lost visitors
– Current tools complicated
– Current tools need integrating
– Never done email marketing before
– Email templates are hard to use

– Online businesses / websites
– Online marketing managers through to solo founders
– Time poor
– Lower tech skills

I love my lists. I suggest you make these lists for your site too. You’ll likely already have these lists as they are critical to your business anyway.

#### Welcome Gift

With that in mind, I have compiled the following ideas from which we can pick a welcome gift.

I want to:
– Help sites convert more visitors to subscribers
– Improve email copy in emails
– Help site owners get more results from less work by switching to use rich text instead of templates in emails
– Get new businesses setup easily with email marketing

We want to pick a single item and something that is unique and of high value. It’s important to be mindful of your competitors. In Superscribes instance there are fair amount of email marketing solutions. Many of them also write blog posts covering some of the same pain points identified above.

This rules out a few of the ideas above. We need to think different to really get something unique.

So from that list I have chosen two:

  • Get new businesses setup easily with email marketing
  • Help site owners get more results from less work by switching to use rich text instead of templates in emails

The first point is more about the audience and the second is a move to rich text, which bucks the trends seen by most of the other companies who like to flash the whizz-bang tempting systems they have built.

The other great reason to use the rich-text option as a lead magnet, is that site owners can test out the ideas I will share in their existing gmail client. This provides genuine value and no commitment. Tick. Tick.

As for the type of gift, I think this is best served by being a small guide. Because we are talking about text and copy, it is best served in written form. I’ve chosen a PDF guide.

There are no right and wrong answers here. My choice was determined by the subject matter.

Creating the Welcome Gift

There is no shortcut here. You will have to sit down and create a useful document. As an expert in your chosen field you have much more knowledge than you may give yourself credit for. You know it inside out. Write from that perspective.

If you are writing a guide (and let’s face it, that is the most common form of welcome gift), then you may prefer to speak out loud, record the audio and then transcribe the recording. I know many great writers who use this process.

Once you have created your finished product, make sure it looks good. Cosmetics matter!

The copy here should sell the main points. I will list mine so you can see the process:

Welcome Email

With the welcome email we want to mention the welcome gift, but also demonstrate you are much more. We want to set the expectation that these emails are worth reading ongoing.

The best way to do this is provide another really valuable piece of advice. Something related but different.

All our emails should do this, but none more so than the first one, our welcome email, which sets the tone for future emails the most.

Below is a list of items I want to discuss in my welcome email, with my main new nugget of value in bold. Ideally we can link this nugget of wisdom to our website to increase visits back to our site (and nudge subscribers towards converting to our product).

  • New businesses
  • Why email marketing is important
    • The results that can be achieved
  • Low barrier to entry – anyone can get started
    • Can start by collecting emails
    • And by sending
  • Why copy writing is important
  • The difference in templates and rich text
  • Some examples of how to write your welcome email
  • What I will do in these emails
    • Help you send better emails
    • Help you collect emails from your site
  • What I won’t do:
    • I won’t spam you
    • I won’t send boring emails for the sake of it!
  • A plug for Superscribe

With that list in mind I can get to work and create a Welcome Email.

The final result!

So, that is my process. Now we all need to do the hard graft of creating this copy. If in doubt, make a list. From that you can find some structure and from there write your popup copy, gift and emails.

This is how we have done it for Superscribe and are getting good results. If you want to see for yourself, then please use the subscribe box in the corner to join our mailing list and get the emails yourself!

Can you help us create this?

Yes, of course. Our Superscribe copywriters can create this all for you. For $99 we will create:

  • Welcome Gift
  • Popup Copy
  • Welcome Email

This is an even easier way to get started quickly. Click here to buy this service.

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