Great Welcome Emails for Email Marketing

Today I re-wrote our Welcome Email for Superscribe. Alongside the email I also wrote a PDF guide about best practices when writing Welcome Emails, along with five examples. If you’d like to read these examples, add your email to our Superscribe popup and we’ll send you the full PDF to download.

My five examples are from sites ranging from ECommerce to SaaS (software as a service) viagra generika deutschland.

We looked at the tone, the message and the call to action link, making up the core structure of this email.

This is one of the most important emails you’ll send as it sets initial expectations and can influence how your emails are dealt with by your subscribers in future.

If you’re still a bit hazy on why email is important, then head over to our guide about how email fits into a sales funnel.

Well, after writing that PDF guide I spotted a great website (User Magnet) that offers a done-for-you marketing service for SaaS companies – i.e. companies like Superscribe.

They had a convincing popup lead magnet and I subscribed. I’m always keen to see how popups work and what digital gift is provided.

After subscribing, I received the Welcome Email and I was very impressed. So impressed, I’m going to use it here as an example of best practice. I think they’ve done a great job.


Heeeey, welcome aboard!

We’re stoked to be connected with you. 

We send two types of emails to this list:

  • Content notifications to let you know when we publish a new guide on our blog. These are infrequent broadcasts that happen only if we have new content live
  • Resources and roundup a of SaaS content marketing tips. You can expect these emails in your inbox every Monday. 

Before you get the first message from us though, would you mind telling me what challenges you’re facing with using content marketing to promote your SaaS business?

Your answers will help me tailor the advice specifically to your needs. 

To reply, simply respond to any of the newsletters you’ll receive and list your challenges. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 


From UserMagnet

So, let’s look at this Welcome Message.

  • It sets tone
  • It sets expectation about what is going to be sent
  • It sets expectation on quantity and frequency of emails sent
  • It requests feedback from the user to build a relationship
  • It’s simple and has a single clearly defined call to action
  • It’s fun and friendly

It’s a great email to get started with and a great example for your own first Welcome Email.

Want to read those other five examples I mentioned? Superscribe to our mailing list using the popup 😎

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