Plain text email marketing

Many moons ago, I started my online life, I was in charge of building the HTML emails for IWOOT. We had some pretty cool emails. Big flashy animated gif things. It takes a particular skills to create these emails. Much more than building a website. You have to use the old web. The web circa 1995.

Not only that, you have to test on a variety of email clients on a variety of platforms. Now it’s even harder with multiple devices and screens.

This worked well for the company which was image and product heavy. We had glitzy things and images did that very well.

But it’s not necessary for all emails.

In fact if you want to build a personal rapport with your subscribers then templates aren’t the answer.

Currently all the emails sent with Superscribe are plain-text only. This means they are personal. They’re no different from the emails you get normally Emails work well when they are personal.

There’s a fantastic article here about the power of plain-text emails.

Do you currently use templates? What do you prefer?

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